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i photograph beautiful people.

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Photographer based in Wichita, Kansas.
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you’ve earned it.

you’ve earned it.


Anyone who has downed as many protein shakes, put in as many cardio hours, and turned down as many beers (or donuts, you iron-willed motivator) as you have deserves to show it off. This is your chance.

Let’s do it

sexy is as sexy does.

sexy is as sexy does.


Always dreamed of having a shoot like a Playboy centerfold or a Maxim girl? It’s every bit as fun as you’d imagine.

I’m so in…

you were born for this.

you were born for this.


There’s no wrong way to feel beautiful, and that’s what my portrait work is all about. Art that celebrates you.

Get all beautiful

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Aaron Patton is a Wichita, Kansas-based fitness, portrait, and headshot photographer.