Endless curiosity and a love for the overlooked have been the pilot light of my career, always ready for new fuel. It’s what pulls me out of bed at 2 a.m. for a sunrise call time halfway across the state, and what pushes me to keep digging past the “good” on the search for something captivating.

Whether I’m working light – with a small crew or even solo – or with a crew of 15, I always leave space for the unexpected. If I have one specialty, it’s telling stories people see, regardless of the person or industry behind them. I’ve worked with a wide gamut of clients like FILA, TLC, Pfizer, the YMCA, and the VA; I stopped looking for a comfort zone a long time ago.

My wife, Christina, and I have been honeymooning for over 15 years across as many states and countries as we can. We take cross-country road trips in her tiny Fiat 500 and watch terrible movies together, because “Why not?” is always a much better question than “Why?”.


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I’m based in Wichita, Kansas, giving me easy access to work as a local in markets across the Midwest such as Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Lincoln, and Dallas.

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