Janelle King is a staple of all things Wichita.  President of the Douglas Design District, owner of The Workroom, and one of the pioneers of reigniting civic pride here where the rivers meet.  Photographing her for VIP Wichita Magazine was an honor – getting to know her while doing so is why I love my work.

This image ran in the December 2017 issue – an excellent choice by the editor to highlight her exuberant personality.

Her store is brimming with character and there’s a portrait opportunity everywhere you look.

Her cup is always filled with coffee roasted just a mile away at Reverie Coffee Roasters.  Soon, I’ll post my editorial portraits of Reverie owner Andrew Gough – as I meet and photograph these local business owners, it’s amazing to see how interconnected they all are and what a support system they’ve created for each other.

Thanks, Janelle, for giving me your time and investing yourself into these images.

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