I get more messages on instagram when I post dessert photos than anything else. It’s a steady flow of “mmmm…”, “OMG, want!”, “Did you get to eat that?!”, and this last time, even a “This is the sexiest photo I’ve ever seen.”

We Midwesterners love our desserts. Milkfloat – in Wichita’s historic Delano distric – knows that better than anyone.


Craft is the key ingredient here. Everything is unnecessarily good, from the made-in-house marshmallows on the S’mores pop tarts to the beautiful and painstakingly slow cold brew coffee system they’ve imported from Japan. “Good enough” is miles behind; perfection is just within reach, but there’s just enough whimsy that their offerings will never be so boring as to be perfect.

When I work with food, I prefer to be as natural as possible with it. I want what I am photographing to be what a guest would get – no sprays, no fakes, just real, beautiful food. Sometimes that means working incredibly quickly (a perfect latte only lasts seconds), and sometimes that means getting creative with what’s in front of me, but I love delivering an honest and authentic product.

Plus, that means I can still eat it when we’re done!

(and wash it down with the best Vietnamese Iced Coffee I’ve ever had)

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