When I started The Headshot Studio, I knew the kind of headshots I wanted to do and the kind of clients I wanted to have.  Stuffy formal images are not my idea of a good time, and while I understand the necessity of them for some situations, it’s not who I am and not what I want to shoot.  I want to tell a story.  I want to shoot a true portrait.  I want a client who has a story to tell.

Dr. Devin Vrana of Back to Basics Chiropractic & Acupuncture is exactly who I built this brand for.

She is a multi-faceted woman and needed headshots to give insight into several different aspects of who she is as a businesswoman, speaker, and (of course) doctor.

In the shot above, she is a keynote speaker seeking to inspire female college students to follow her path into what was (and, decreasingly, is) a male-dominated field.  She’s powerful and empowering.  She is an approachable badass.  This is her Sasha Fierce.

As I coach through a pose and an expression, every detail matters.  This is not a quick 5-minute headshot session, this is a representation of who you are and what that means for your business, your organization, or whatever it is you’re a part of.

In this shot, she’s a doctor who works with the newest of newborns, children, and expecting mothers (amongst her many other patients).  She is caring and has a delicate touch.


Still, she is a businesswoman.  She’s a blast to work with and she knows how to get things done.  When she arrived at my studio on the morning of her shoot, she came in with several outfit options – one of which was a very lovely jacket that would have made for a perfectly stuffy and business-y image.  After about 30 seconds of talking to her, I knew that she was a very down-to-earth person and not the type to put on airs.

So, I asked “That jacket really isn’t ‘you’, is it?”

“Not at all, no.”

“Great!  So, we’re going to skip that.”

This red dress was our choice instead, and wow…it was the right choice!


And at the end of the day?  She loves to have a good time.  She’s fun to be around!  I’d do another shoot with her just to hang out and chat some more – small business owners are my favorite.  This wasn’t a shot we discussed ahead of time, but it’s very much who I saw her to be…so I felt the need to include it.


Dr. Vrana is exactly the kind of client I love to work with.  The session was all about telling her story, and each image tells a different one…but they’re all a part of who she is.  I get way too excited over headshot sessions, and this is why!

So…do your headshots say anything about you?  Or do they just show what you look like?  Or worse…do they tell a story that isn’t yours?  Get in touch and let’s make sure the image of you that’s out there is the one you want it to be.