I don’t trust guys that post too many selfies.  There, I said it.

I do trust Tim Davis.  This is a man who has spent a dozen years as a professional wedding photographer and just now had his first shoot of himself.

Tim is a great friend, drinking buddy, and Tom Waits stand-in, and taking him through the seamy underbelly gentrified areas of Wichita to make some portraits was truly a privilege.  (Not pictured: This shoot started off in a tiny room with an accordion.)

We’re not supposed to say it, but a great portrait session for a guy makes us feel badass.  Most often when a guy is in front of a camera, it’s for engagement photos, family photos, or wedding photos, and we’re supposed to look smiley and happy (and we should…make life easier on your photographers and just go with it).  BUT, sometimes we want to just be ourselves and look like the BAMFs that we are.  That’s why I do this:


Ray-Bans and a pork pie hat.  Yes.


I mean, not that we can’t smile…it’s the natural reaction to beer.


“Tim, the beer is gone.”


I am the night.

My only hope is that the men I photograph have as much fun with it as I do.  I promise, I will never ask you to smile.

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