Building a portfolio for a new model is an exciting job.  It’s a day full of playing different roles to explore several sides of someone who has never been in front of a camera before, and it’s a great way to assess a model’s natural ability and her ability to take direction.

Kaydn’s got both.  At 15, this aspiring actress and newcomer model doesn’t shy away from her personality.  She walks on set for the first time as though it’s her hundredth – ready to take on a character or to simply be her all-American-girl self.

From athletic to Americana to Vanity Fair-esque, Kaydn shows her range immediately


Set a scene, she can play it.

Diversity in expression and posing can be difficult to coach for brand new models, but Kaydn takes it in stride – she doesn’t get nervous (or at least doesn’t appear to), but just goes with the flow.  A 5:15 a.m. call time may have helped!


She’s got a natural ability to treat the camera like a person, and to interact with it as though she’s a part of the conversation.


As she grows in modeling and acting, she’s got nothing but opportunity ahead of her!


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